Yulia Volkova aka the other half of t.A.T.u. who used homosexuality to bait straight men and gay fans to buy their music is now condemning gay men and says it’s only ok for women to be gay.

Will you condemn your son, if he is gay?

Yes, I would condemn him, because I believe that a real man must be a real man. God created man for procreation, it is the nature. The man for me is the support, the strength of… I won’t accept gay son.

Stop stop… you just told me that you do not mind if your daughter was a lesbian. You were talking about freedom…

This only applies to a daughter, not a son.

So you think that freedom can only be for women?

I think for men it’s a bad freedom. In our time, there is a very large number of frivolous girls (and a man can **** a large number of these girls). This is freedom for men. And a man has no right to be a ***. Two girls together - not the same thing as the two men together. It seems to me that lesbians look aesthetically much nicer than two men holding her hand or kissing. But! I want to say that I’m not against gays, I just want my son to be a real man, not a ***. I have many gay friends. I believe that being gay is all still better than murderers, thieves or drug addicts. If you choose out of all this, being gay a little better than the rest.

She’s ignorant as fuck.


Cruel Intentions (Roger Kumble, 1999)

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Bianca Del Rio telling us how it is

Slay queen

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